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Who is the Cookie Fueled Mama?

Mom, Wife, Strongman Competitor, Cookie Dealer


I wasn't always a Cookie Creator; in fact, the first time I baked a batch of cookies for my husband I overdid it on the salt... we don't mention those cookies anymore :)

That all changed two years ago after the birth of my first baby - Delaney.  Like most new moms, I was looking for a workout program to get my strength and fitness level back. But I still wanted to enjoy all the treats!

I started doing strongman training in June of 2019 and a few months later competed in a local competition and WON; qualifying for nationals in the process!


 Suddenly my workouts became more intense, but so did my sweet tooth! I needed to find something to satisfy my cravings.


I ALWAYS loved cookies, but store bought cookies were just blah and most bakeries make small cookies. And let's be honest, little cookies are for little kids anyways. 

So I went to work, baking cookies and working on my recipe, until I was happy (and full) with how my cookies tasted every time. 


These cookies started out as a sweet tooth craving, became a passion project, and the fuel behind Cookie Fueled Mama.  

I hope that you enjoy these cookies, as much as I enjoyed creating them. Be sure to follow me us on social for new flavor drops, special orders, and to share the cookie love!

Why We Are Different

image (6).png

Small Batch Baking and Hand Crafted Cookies Every Time

We bake our cookies in small batches only. We carefully measure, mix, blend, and bake every cookie to be perfectly moist and packed with flavor in every bite.

One of our cookies has the flavor and size of 7 of those kid sized cookies. One taste and you wont be disappointed and you'll know why we say #thatalottacookie

Want Cookies but dont want to worry about ordering? Sign up for one of our monthly subscriptions here.

Want a Holiday/Special Occasion Order? We will work with you on creating a special batch for every occasion; if we can bake it we will do it for you!​

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